About The Shed Recording Studio


November 3, 2012 by Steven Foxbury

The Shed is comprised of three rooms, a lounge/live room that works well for guitar and drums, the control room, and the isolation booth. Maybe it’s easier to just show you:

Lounge: Lots of records/CDs, a groovy vintage couch and Christmas lights.

Sometimes Harriet likes to come hang out.

Drums: We have a set of Ludwig Rockers:

Here they are being rocked upon:

Control Room:

Universal Audio gear: UAD Satellite Quad, Apollo Quad, & Universal Audio 4-710d Preamp

UAD Plugins: OK, this is where things get interesting. The best part about the Apollo/Satellite is that they give you access to incredibly accurate emulations of some of the most amazing audio equipment ever made. Want to record on a Neve console? Wish you were recording to 2″ tape? Looking for that Nick Drake sound that comes from a $50,000 Fairchild 670? All of this and much, much more are possible here at The Shed!

Isolation Booth: This was inspired by Allyson Mitchell’s Hungry Purse. Doesn’t get more cozy than that!

Microphones: Below is my prized Peluso 2247. I also have an M-Audio Sputnik, Shure SM7b, Rode NT5, SM57, Audix i5, and an AKG D112.

Guitars: I have a Gibson L-00 & Es-125, Epihone Viola Bass, George Washburn Master Classic,  small body Takamine, and a 70’s Yamaha acoustic that is not without its charm. I also have a Peavey Classic 50 all-tube amp.


2 thoughts on “About The Shed Recording Studio

  1. Gregg Hale says:

    Looks great, Steve! Congrats on taking the leap!

  2. Michael says:


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